Understanding China, Peking 2019

Today I cycled to Peking University, as I always do. This fact in and of itself is not remarkable, compared to the Beijing I visited seven years ago, the experience of cycling here is still a whirling dance that is somehow simultaneously more chaotic yet more peaceful than London. Similarly, the street corners remain decorated… Continue reading Understanding China, Peking 2019

Best of Both Worlds: Kellogg

Just twenty minutes drive from downtown Chicago lies the cute student town of Evanston proudly featuring Northwestern University with one of the best management schools in the world! We arrived on the same weekend as the freshmen college students and the entire city was wearing purple to celebrate – every shop was filled with excited… Continue reading Best of Both Worlds: Kellogg

Red Bricks and Green Gorges: Cornell, 2019

The first 3-weeks at Cornell Johnson have been a stark contrast from our time at the LSE. Ithaca is a small town with no dearth of scenic beauty. The campus, spread over 725 acres, is absolutely astounding. We arrived in late-August and the weather has been perfect to enjoy the nature around us. So far,… Continue reading Red Bricks and Green Gorges: Cornell, 2019