A short guide on why to choose Yale


There are already a few blogs from Yale and you probably realized that Yale is a place to go. I will try not to overlap with other people! Here are briefs of other Yalies blogs:

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Why did I choose Yale?

For me the choice was between Yale and Chicago Booth. I guess some of you are facing this dilemma as well. I spent three long days analysing different factors, assigning values, etc. to make my final choice. On the one hand, Chicago Booth was leading in rankings and is believed to be better in financial courses. On the other, Yale has more recognizable name, longer term (nearly 90 days longer US student and academic experience than Booth!), and full access to career services.

Having a solid draw, I asked myself – in 5 – 10 – 20 years would I prefer to be alumni of exchange at Yale or at Chicago Booth? The choice was Yale. Moreover, I realized that all the rankings are concerned with MBA degrees that last nearly 24 months – something you will not do. At Booth you will spend 2.5 months, at Yale 4 months. Nevertheless, all available MBA exchange universities provide lots of opportunities and if you are strictly finance-focused maybe Booth would be a better choice. Wherever you will end up you will be happy and it will be a great contribution to your CV.

I do not regret my choice at all.


Great things about Yale


  1. Yale has one of the longest terms amongst the available options – my term started on 24th August and ended on 22nd December. This allows you not only to learn a lot, but also get closer with Yale students and experience more American student life.
  2. Yale has lots of amazing courses ranging from Digital Strategy through pharma courses to Global Financial Crisis. You are also allowed to take certain courses outside Yale SOM. However, so far I know none of the LSE visiting students did it. There is also an option to audit courses – you can attend them without being enrolled and examined.
  3. Term at Yale is divided into two parts – you can chose different courses for Fall 1 and different for Fall 2. In total, during one term I did 7 courses and only one of them went through both parts. This allowed me to study lots of different areas. Although, you may think that this fragmentation does not allow to get familiar with the topic – it is completely not true! Because of longer term, each of the half term courses covers 12 different lecture topics.
  4. Yale SOM building is amazing and it hosts mainly students of 3 programmes – this extremely facilitates networking as you see the same faces every day. You also do not have to walk between buildings. There are lots of housing options nearby and for me it was only a 7 minute walk.

Courtyard of Yale SOM



Community at Yale SOM is very open and you integrate with local students very quickly. There is a Closing Bell event every Thursday with food and beverages, there are student clubs, but also themed parties organised by SOM societies and house parties organized by your friends. Because the town is small, lots of student share houses so get ready to see up to 200 people on a single house party!

Unlike in big cities, you will see lots of students on the streets, in pubs and clubs. It is safe to say that Yale makes it a university town. That is why I loved this exchange – the experience is so much different than in London.

Annual Harvard – Yale hockey game:


Poor things about Yale

I honestly have no idea what to write in this part. If there were any bad things, these were mostly related to single courses, not to the university in general. I would say the biggest drawback of Yale is that it is located roughly 2-3 hours drive from relatively big airports, so if you plan to take a trip in the middle of the term be prepared to have a little drive to the airport.

In short, choose Yale.