Yale: The Networking Hub

Beyond the world-class education and the many extra-curricular activities at Yale, the one thing that we are fortunate about are the endless networking opportunities the school provides us with. I will thus shift the focus away from academics to the many networking platforms at Yale, travelling around the US and the social life at SOM.

Coffee chats: Get your foot in the door by starting with coffee chats where company representatives (usually Yale alumni) answer any questions regarding the company, work culture, specific details of their current job and also provide an insight into the positions available and suitable for you.

 Networking events: Yale provides an amazing opportunity for you to network with the best and hosts networking events from corporate presentations to company recruiting events. These include companies like Bain, BCG, EY, P&G, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon to list a few. In addition, the school opens the window to the huge alumni network, so please make the most of it.

Closing Bell: Yale grad event organized every Thursday to network with other SOM students. And what’s better? FREE beer!!!! It’s a great opportunity to know your fellow classmates and other management students, know what’s happening around campus, organize hikes or just share a good laugh with the fellow ‘Yalies’.

Closing Bell

Career Development Office: Please make the most of the career department when you are here at Yale. From providing guidance on your resume and cover letter to helping you prepare for your interview, provide a job search strategy to help you create a marketing pitch, they do it ALL!!

Travel: Make the most of the breaks (Fall and Thanksgiving) and take out the time to travel around the States. Plan weekend trips to NYC and Boston and also try and discover North America in all its autumnal glory and experience the Fall Foliage with autumn leaves at their peak (a popular choice). Also, make sure to plan ahead to get good deals on hotels and flights as they tend to get extremely expensive.


Social Life: Lastly (also most importantly) don’t forget to get your passes to GPSCYs (Yale grad bar) that holds the many must-go-to annual events (along with weekly karaoke); Toads if you want to feel like a fresher again; and the Yale annual parties such as tight-n-bright, beach party and Halloween to name a few.

That’s all for now.

My only advice: don’t lock yourself up in the library. Network, network and network!!! You will not get a better opportunity to meet with the leading companies in a span of just four months; have a cool off at GPSCYs every once a while and make the most of travelling around the States.

Also, please feel free to contact me if you decide to come to Yale. I’d be happy to take in any questions.

Have a good day!