Chicago Booth: A Transformative Journey

World-class professors, thought-provoking classes, and a beautiful and very windy city come together so that you can have the best experience of your life, and I’m really not exaggerating.


Repeat after me: Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship

I’m not going to bother you with the statistics that prove why there is such a buzz worldwide regarding Chicago Booth. As I’m writing this blog, I’ve been in Chicago for only three weeks and I can see how the way my mind thinks has changed. I decided to come to Booth because it’s newest hype it’s its focus on entrepreneurship. Not in the abstract way at all. Here, you have the ability to build a company from scratch in just three months. This is ‘Entrepreneurial Discovery’ course, where you will work along people with years of experience in many industries and the professor who is outstanding. Here you can analyse real companies and provide advice, as a Venture Capital’s associate, on whether you should invest in an innovation or not. This is ‘Commercialising Innovation’ course and the professor that teaches this course has an experience in venture capitals everyone would envy. This is only a taste of the extensive entrepreneurial classes offered at Booth. You can get your hands around real problems that require real solutions, and this is -oh- so rewarding. I kid you not – this is not for the faint-hearted. You will spend countless hours with your group mates brainstorming about a problem that needs solution and you will be tired, and you will itch for the thanksgiving break from week 2 (this is me now 😩). Moreover, there is the Polsky centre, where you can have free access to co-working space, events and workshops, carefully curated network of mentors and much much more!

On the flip side of the coin, as you may know, as an MBA exchange student in Booth, I do not have access to any recruiting events. Although this might seem daunting – I know, the McKinsey job is the priority – there are so many lovely and well-connected full-time MBA students that if you just politely ask, they will do the case prep with you. Plus, there will not be much free time in your calendar, I’m afraid. Another disadvantage is the location of the school. Day-time classes are taught in Harper Centre (Hyde Park) and evening classes are taught in Gleacher (downtown). I strongly advise you to not limit yourself to the evening classes because of this, plus the vibes in Harper Centre are way cosier. After all, it will take you just about 20’ with the train to get to Hyde Park from the city centre.


The Windy City

Oh boy, the deep-dish pizza they have here… The food, the art, the different neighbourhoods, the architecture, the jazz music, the vibes and the fact that Al Capone was strolling around in Chicago are to die for. I urge you to hop on a bike on a good day and cycle around the city (which is the safest city to cycle in the USA). You can also cycle to Harper center by the riverfront, which is stunning. Additionally, as a Booth student you get an endless list of places you can visit for free, like the art institution of Chicago and many more. Unfortunately, the State of Illinois is not very picturesque, but great cities like Toronto and Detroit are on a road-trip distance away. Niagara Falls anyone?

Booth will be the most rewarding experience in your life, I guarantee this. Your mind will sharpen, and your knowledge will be quadrupled. Thanks for reading and friendly advice; come to Booth! Brb going to get myself a Chicago style dog.

Much love,

Pigi x

P.S. If you’re considering Chicago Booth as your exchange option for next year, feel free to get in touch. Always up for an organic almond milk vegan matcha latte chat.